Pre-Construction - Vilar-Hoynack Construction Company
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Our Services


Vilar-Hoynack Construction Company’s primary goal is to provide the appropriate support to our clients from the onset of a project’s development.

We have built and refined unique pre-construction processes that assure we consistently and successfully deliver our projects.  This process includes the following key components:

We understand that an essential part of any successful project is to begin with accurate cost forecasting.  

We cater to our client’s goals by providing very accurate estimates and cost benchmarks, early in the design process.

Our ability to provide complete scheduling support assures that client schedule goals are met by tracking design, regulatory approval process,  procurement, and construction.

Our schedules will include the details needed to understand and track project schedule activities throughout the complete preconstruction process and construction.

The main component of our pre-construction process is to make sure that projects are delivered with the greatest value.

We provide cost evaluation studies at each phase of design to ensure that our client’s dollars are used efficiently and wisely to deliver the most value.

Quality starts early in the design process. We provide the necessary technical expertise to understand key construction component details, to provide our clients with key information to allow for good decisions and to assure a quality driven project.

Our constant monitoring of the design, and support to the design professional, assure that projects are designed and constructed to the high-quality standards we are known for.

  • Our Services Include...

    • Detailed Estimates
    • Coordination Studies
    • Project Schedules
    • Value Add Analysis
    • Risk Mitigation Study
    • Phase and Staging studies
    • Procurement Plan
    • LEED Coordination and Planning
    • Building Information Modeling

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